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CEO & Principal Management Consultant

Modesta Mahiga is a Global, Multi-Award-Winning Management Consultant and Senior Board and Management Business Executive who has led seven leadership, business, and private sector consulting firms in developed and emerging economies. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Change Management Professiona

Rita Mchaki

Senior Associate Consultant, Business Development

Rita Mchaki is a Strategy Specialist with 15+ years of experience implementing US$50 million+ private and non-profit business and project development, resource mobilization, and communication projects in matrixed multinational, multisector, and multistakeholder contexts.

Karen Mayenga

Executive Assistant, Operational Excellence

Karen oversees the development and maintenance of vital structures and systems that facilitate the implementation of strategies, ensure operational excellence, and improve workplace efficiency. As a dedicated and customer-focused professional, her primary objective is to deliver

Mhando P. Mbughuni

Senior Associate Consultant, Public Policy & External Engagement

With over 15 years of experience in external engagement, global public policy, and the private sector, Mhando has successfully advised international organizations and industry decision-makers on developing sustainable policies, and strategies, and adopting emerging technologies. His core competencies include strategic communications, policy research and analysis, and project management. He has a proven track record of driving robust public engagement in international affairs through digital technologies and developing and managing multimedia digital communication channels to scale global visibility among diverse stakeholders. He is passionate about finding innovative and collaborative solutions to address complex organizational and institutional challenges.

Janet Z. Mbene

Senior Associate Consultant, Trade, Investment & Government Relations

Distinguished Senior Economist, International Trade and Regional Integration, Finance and Banking Expert with Cabinet Ministerial, Parliamentary, Board Governance, Senior Leadership experience in the public, private, civil society, and academic sectors. High Performing

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