Position for global career and business opportunities



Follow a financial roadmap to achieve your financial goals within budget and healthy boundaries.


Budget $ Boundaries


A practical structured program that gives you a simple system to achieve your 2021 financial goal within budget and healthy boundaries.

  • Choose a Highly Desired Goal You Want to Finance by December 2021

  • Create a Monthly Budget Based on Priorities

  • Develop a Financial Roadmap

  • Implement Strategy to Generate More Income

  • Build a System of Accountability

  • Allow for (Inexpensive) Milestone Celebration​

Discover your purpose and develop a plan to distinguish your personal brand for career and business success and significance.


Masterplan Class

You don't have to choose between purpose and profit. 

Learn to align your purpose, passion, and non-negotiable values to build a highly sought-after personal brand your target audience wants to engage with and grow your income, influence, and impact.

  • Discover Your Purpose

  • Set Non-Negotiable Values

  • Create Your Vision

  • Choose Your Mission

  • Define Your Target

  • Build Your Personal Brand

  • Set Achievable Goals

  • Position Your Professional Profile

  • Leverage Support Systems

  • Deliver Excellence

  • Sustain Work-Life Alignment

Product Branding

Turn your passion into profit through a product you can sell in the global market.


Side Hustle 


If you've always wanted to do something of your own, but are concerned that it won't pay the bills (or you have tired before and found that it didn't),


the Side Hustle Bundle will show you that you can remove the guess-work and nerves around monetizing your passion and proficiency. 

  • Find a passion you can turn to profit

  • Develop an irresistible and profitable product

  • Build a personal brand that attracts your ideal client

  • Position your product and expertise online and have your ideal customer look for you