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Develop the leadership and business skills to unlock your next-level opportunities. 


Global Business

StartUp Checklist


Save time, money, and unnecessary pain by going through this startup checklist to prepare you to confidently invest in your business knowing that it will yield expected returns.

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Global Leadership

Content Creation

LinkedIn Content Creation Guide.png

Learn how to leverage your LinkedIn profile and positioning to build a powerful brand your ideal audience looks forward to engaging with and buying from.

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Global Business

Daraja App

Daraja Tool Proposal_Modesta Mahiga LLC.png

Daraja (Swahili for Bridge) is a one-stop mobile-first gamification tool currently being developed to take users through interactive stages to unlock access to up-to-date information, investor-readiness capacity building, funding, and matching to two-way U.S.-Africa trade and investment partnership opportunities in engaging and entertaining local content and language.

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Order Your
360 Leadership Planner 

The 360 Leadership Planner was designed to capture your vision, goals, and plans for every aspect of your work and life so that you can lead a whole, balanced life with no guilt or regrets.

Start Now with Purpose and Masterplan Class

Order Start Now! With Purpose & a Masterplan 

Do you struggle to create a plan you can stick with?

“Start Now! With Purpose & A Masterplan” Journal makes starting and sticking to a personal development plan simpler than you had ever imagined.


Entrepreneurship Book

Order The African Entrepreneur's Start-Up Checklist 

Your start-up will consume a lot of time and energy. Like any prudent person, you want to make sure that your resource investment is appropriately applied and will yield expected returns.

The African Entrepreneur's Start-up Checklist will help you do just that.

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