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We are a global management consulting firm that specializes in leadership coaching, strategic business consulting, and U.S. federal government contracting.


Modern Business Building

Adopt the mindset, strategies, and skills to lead with greater confidence and credibility.


Building organizational capabilities for competitive advantage and profitability.


SAM-Awarded contractor offering management consulting services to the U.S. Government. 


Our expert coaches and consultants have unparalleled technical and management experience in developed and developing markets.


Oumou Daou-Koumoué

Communications Advisor, Permanent Mission of the African Union to the United Nations

"Modesta Mahiga LLC has done an excellent job consulting for The Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations in New York, from the conceptualization of the programme to its implementation which led to the successful completion of the 6-month initiative.

“Modesta is a seasoned Leadership Coach and Personal Executive Leadership Profiling and Branding Professional. She lives out what she does with profound integrity. Modesta and the team’s services are excellent in ways that are enduring and give results beyond satisfaction.”

Imelda Lutebinga

General Manager, G4S Secure Solutions (Tanzania)

"I sought to enhance my personal brand to position for board of director, and regional positions of impact. I took the Vision Activator Strategic Leadership Development Program. I have now been appointed to boards (American Chamber of Commerce - Tanzania) and Pan African positions to impact women entrepreneurship and financial inclusion (Ambassador, United Nations Women Entrepreneurship Day (WED) Tanzania and Deputy Regional Director, WED (14 Countries).

Kavazeua Katjomuise

Team Leader, United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa

"I have worked with Modesta in Executive Coaching to help me create a personal development plan and enhance my professional profile. She has helped me design professional strategies for career positioning aligned with my goals and passions. She helped me think through some difficult issues by asking difficult probing questions."

Esther Edwards

ICF Credentialed Leadership Coach

"I am an ordained minister with the Potomac Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God and have served in ministry leadership for over 34 years. I am also an ICF-credentialed leadership coach that understands the crucial need for leaders and leadership teams to be developed, coached, and challenged so that they can lead courageously and cast a global vision of change, resiliency, and stability. It is with this thought in mind that I strongly recommend Modesta Mahiga as an executive coach for your organization. ​ As a coach and leadership consultant, Modesta listens deeply, becomes a strategic thought-partner, and instills confidence by her leadership presence. Modesta has a way of instilling a sense of purpose in anyone she works with. She calls out the best in others and their teams and is not timid to challenge what is not conducive for growth."

Rehmah Kasule

CEDA International, Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative

"Unleashing infinite possibilities! Modesta Mahiga's Executive Coaching enabled me to design professional strategies that have positioned me as a brand name and expert in gender mainstreaming and the “future of work” to create pathways for youth employment in Africa. For anyone looking to become a bullet-proof leader, I highly recommend Modesta Mahiga Executive Coaching. The flexible schedules will enable you to achieve life-long learning to unleash infinite professional opportunities beyond your imagination."


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Steps to Growing Your Business

"Growth happens around new ideas and technologies. Use profits from the maturity stage to invest in research and development, come up with new products and services for a new market, or explore a possible partnership with another company."

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Importance of Ethics and Social Responsibility in a Business

"Social responsibility is more than just a buzzword - it's a vital aspect of corporate social responsibility. Organizations that take responsibility for their actions and their impact on society and the environment can make a significant difference in the fight against climate change and public health challenges."

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How to Communicate Effectively in the Era of Short Attention Span

"Recent studies show that humans’ attention span on the internet has diminished to 8 seconds, a 25% decrease in a little over a decade. These statistics depict an economic problem. People’s attention has become significantly limited to engaging with the excessive amounts of content in the digital universe."

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How Local Businesses Can Market to Global Customers

"Because emerging market leaders can easily access global markets, a growing number of emerging market SMEs now not only create local solutions to local problems, they are developing solutions they can market to the world."

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