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Who is the One Person You Need to Influence?

How to Identify Your Ideal Client

Hi There! Employed or in business, internal or external, there is an Ideal Client you need to focus your leadership influence on. Personal Branding is your, “intentional, ongoing effort to create a specific image or impression of yourself in the minds of others”. There are 5 parts to the above personal branding equation that need to work together for you to Build Your Powerful Personal Brand. Since you want to influence "others", this is the first part you will look at this week.

Part 1: Who are "Others"?

The Personal Brand Assessment Tool you looked at last week, helped you get feedback from people from your different spheres of influence. One category of people was from the level you aspire to access and influence, this may be below, at the same level, above, or even removed from your reporting line.

Use all relevant feedback you received from Your Personal Brand Assessment Tool to position to identify and target the people at the level you aspire to access and influence.

These are Your Ideal Client.

They are the people in whose minds you will seek to “create a specific image or impression of yourself”.

Remember, the image or impression you want them to have of you is that of a Trusted Solution Provider.

You want Your Ideal Client to see you as their Trusted Solution Provider.

In the Identify My Ideal Client Tool below, you will answer 10 questions (definitely a weekend activity) to better understand Your Ideal Client.

Your Ideal Client, or Avatar, is a profile of a fictitious person. When you compile it however, you will find that there are real people that fit that profile that you seek to influence. You will always have that profile in mind when you engage in building and communicating your powerful personal brand.

Imagine investigating to get to know every detail of their personal and professional lives. Why? Because you want to know what make them tick. Specifically, what problem of theirs, you are uniquely positioned to solve.

By doing this, you gather information on how to Build Your Powerful Personal Brand that increases your leadership influence with them.

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