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What's Your Story?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

What Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

Reflecting on client engagements with women leaders; I am amazed by the power they command in their workplaces and industries when they embrace their individuality.

Working with leaders to enhance and position their personal brands, I find myself asking different versions of this question:

What is Your Unique Value-Add?"

When seeking to enhance and elevate their CVs, Bios, or LinkedIn Profiles, this question serves to steer away from regurgitating the details on their job descriptions, to instead, include their unique value-add in terms of:

Background, knowledge, skills, experiences, character, personality, perspectives, relationships, vision, causes, influence, recognition, impact, and greater purpose and legacy.

What about you? What is your unique value-add?

Or put differently:

"If you are being interviewed for an opportunity and you are up against several others with similar education, skills, and experience as you, what would make you stand out from all other candidates?"

"Your uniqueness is your greatest strength, not how well you emulate others." -Simon S. Tam

It is your uniqueness that makes you a strong and compelling applicant, candidate, leader. It is your uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd in your workplace, industry, world.

If you haven't already started to leverage your uniqueness, I challenge you to start today, with your unique story.

Who are you? (Identity)

Why do you do what you do? (Background, Purpose)

What is your vision? (Impact, Legacy)

How are you uniquely wired to achieve it? (Your Uniqueness List Above)

Why should others join you? (Credibility, Relatability)

Embrace, embody, express, and elevate your unique story. It makes you you, it speaks to why you continue to do what you do, and it impacts all that see, hear, and relate with you.

And the beauty of your unique story is that you continue to write it every single day.

With every decision, you choose the unique story you want to be known for and remembered by.

What is Your Unique Story?

“Leverage Your Uniqueness.”

Bruce Tulgan.

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