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What People Say When You're Not in the Room

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Create The Image You Want Them to Have of You

"Your Personal Brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room."

-Jeff Bezos Rather than wait to find out what they say, if they are your Ideal (target) Client, today's post focuses on being proactive by intentionally creating the image you want them to have of you. Carla Harris, Vice-Chairperson & Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, calls it, "teaching others how to think of you", and you can do it too. We are in Week 3 of a 10-week process of Building Your Powerful Personal Brand. Personal Branding is, "your intentional, ongoing effort to create a specific image or impression of yourself in the minds of your others." Last week we identified others as your "Ideal Client" and used the Your Ideal Client Tool to define their characteristics, and how you would reach them. Today, let's go deeper into the image or impression of yourself that you want to create in their minds. Since we have been speaking about growing your leadership influence, we said that the image or impression you want to create in the minds of Your Ideal Client is that of a Trusted Solution Provider. Why? Because "when people trust you, they do business with you." Which means they allow you to access, influence, and impact them. So, how do you create an image of yourself as a Trusted Solution Provider in the minds of your Ideal Client?

To answer this question, consider the different elements that make up your Personal Brand in the Executive Personal Branding Tool below.

Does everything about you look, speak, act, dress, walk, communicate like the Trusted Solution Provider you want your Ideal Client to view you as?

After you have developed your Executive Personal Branding, you are going to work on how to intentionally, continuously position your personal brand as to leave no doubt in your Ideal Client's mind that you are their go-to Trusted Solution Provider. You've Got This! And God's Got You!

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