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Overlooked & Underpaid?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Here are 3 Steps to Build Your Brand to be in Demand

It turns out that hard work does not speak for itself, and people cannot read minds. If you want an opportunity, you will have to say you do, and make sure that you profile and position your brand to be sure you'll get it.

“A brand is simply what people think about when they think of you.”

-Rory Vaden.

So, what do people think about when they think of you?

Which of these ring true?

  1. What do they think about when they think of me? They don't even know I exist!

  2. They just know me as the [product or service] guy/gal, but I doubt they think of me beyond that.

  3. I'm the person they assign things that nobody else wants to do, no one bothers to find out what interests me.

  4. They think I'm great at what I do, and that's why they want to keep me where I am.

  5. They cannot imagine what it would be like if I were not here, so they keep offering me opportunities for growth.

  6. No one can think about my industry without thinking about, and looking for me.

Which description resonated with you the most?

If what you think people think about when they think of you is different from what you would want them to think about when they think of you, you need to "teach them how to think of you" Carla Harris.

This is also true of your business brand.

“Your personal brand is what differentiates you from others.”

-Author Unknown.

Below I share 3 strategies to build your brand so that people can think of you as the indispensable go-to resource, they prefer above all others.

1.Identify Your Niche

What are you uniquely profiled to do better than anyone else?

Consider your character, knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, personality, mannerisms, dress code, network, anything and everything that combined, makes you unique.

Now think about who could benefit from the unique way your profile could advance their agenda.

What specific problem of theirs can you solve better than anyone else?

You have just found your niche.

Focus everything on solving those problems for those people, and you will start to "create the image or impression of yourself as their trusted, go-to expert". That's personal branding.

You can apply the same principles to your business.

2.Show Your Value Add

Only you can do what you do like you do it. That is your superpower! Don't dim it down, light it up!

Show your value add to your target audience by delivering WOW! each time you show up.

Your dress code, your body language, the excellence of your work, speed of your delivery, the value of the solutions, your connection with people (especially your target audience, concerning the specific problem you solve for them).

How you show up in-person and online should all leave no doubt that you are an indispensable asset, that they are ready to recognize and reward handsomely to continue to access you.

What value do you want your personal brand to bring in the eyes of your target audience?

What value do you want your business to bring in the eyes of your target customer?

“If your presence doesn't add value, your absence won't make a difference.”

-Zero Dean.

3.State Your Aspirations

Too many of us work for years, giving our all to organizations, on career trajectories only we know about, in the hope that what we aspire for is obvious to others. We wait, and we wait, and we wait for them to finally recognize us, and reward our loyalty and long service, then get resentful when we get passed up for opportunities.

Business owners make the same error; they invest in setting up shop, then hope customers will get the hint and bring business their way simply because they are open for business.

That is leaving way too much of your career or business growth to chance.

Want more pay? A higher position? Different terms? Business customers? Tell them so.

Show them that:

  1. You know them and their problem well.

  2. You have a unique solution that can solve it better than anyone else.

  3. What you want in exchange.

Market yourself indispensable to your target audience, with every interaction you have with them, not necessarily with words, but always with actions that communicate your value add. Then, when the season is right, and you know they have come to view your brand as the trusted solution provider, make an irresistible offer they would be crazy to refuse, because you are their go-to, and no one can serve them as you do.

That is the power of branding.

“If you add the value, you will become the brand. Find a way to add more value than anyone else does. ”

-Tony Robbins.

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