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Leader, Do You Exist Outside Your Organization?

How to Strategically Build Your Personal Brand for Next-Level Opportunities

Sometimes a leader can get so busy building their career or business that they forget to exist outside their organization.

This may serve them well when their focus is on performing according to their job description, but it soon becomes inadequate when they start thinking of their exit plan and life beyond their current organization.

Looking at their circles, they may get the rude awakening that although they may know a lot of people, key people may not necessarily know them. It is then that they realize that they spent their career building contacts but not strategically building networks.

Now late in their careers, they must do the work of re-introducing themselves at a time they should be leveraging their personal brand to open doors for their next-level opportunities.

“Our level of influence with others reflects the strength of our personal brand differentiation.”

-Garth Jestley.

If you feel you have been so consumed by your job or business that you don't exist outside of your organization, do this to strategically build your personal brand for next-level opportunities:

  1. Define Your Next-Level Vision - what does your next-level look like?

  2. Create Your Next-Level Profile - how are you positioned at your next level?

  3. Build Your Next-Level Networks - who are you connected to and do you collaborate with at your next level?

  4. Position Your Next-Level Expertise - what value do you offer your next-level decision-makers?

  5. Seize Your Next-Level Opportunities - what action are you going to take to capture your next level?

What are you waiting for?

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