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How to Talk About What You Do When You are a Multifaceted Entrepreneur

Gone are the days when people were expected to study and work in the same profession for life. These days, it is accepted that some may change majors, careers, and businesses and others will even juggle several in tandem, throughout their lives.

If you are a multifaceted entrepreneur that struggles to respond to the question, "So, what do you do?" with a simple answer, below are three tips to help you do so clearly and compellingly.

1. Start with an Appetizer

To start talking about all seven things you are doing, especially when they are unrelated, would not only be challenging for you in a first-time encounter with someone, it would be like drinking from a firehose for the listener. Direct their mind to a short, punchy headline grabber. Once they express interest in learning more, follow up with a little more detail.

2. Present a Solution

Are you a farmer, a university lecturer teaching Agricultural Economics, and serving on the Board of Directors of a public agriculture institution? Look for commonalities between the three thing you do and position yourself as a person that is a solution to that common problem. For instance, in responding to , "So, what do you do?" You may say,

"I provide food security solutions to communities."

"I help reduce food shortages in urban areas."

"I contribute toward shaping agricultural development policy and practice."

3. Target a Demographic

If, for example, you own a spa, design clothes, and speak on wellness, and you target women with all three, you can anchor your response to "So, what do you do?" to the transformation you bring women. In this case, you can say something like,

" I empower women to embrace their beauty."

"I help women see the importance of prioritizing themselves."

"I am transforming lives, one woman at a time."

You will notice that each of these sentences is bold and brief. This is deliberate. It is designed to pique the listener's interest, drawing a "That's interest! How?" response from them, and giving you the opportunity to share specifics about the different things and different ways you serve others as a multifaceted entrepreneur.

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