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How to Stay Top of Mind

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Make Yourself Unforgettable

Since you cannot appoint yourself (even dictators get help), you need to find a way to stay top of mind to decision-makers in the rooms where your name and profile are being considered for opportunities.

You might be thinking, "But, Modesta, how do I know what opportunities are being discussed behind closed doors?"

The answer is, most of the time, you have no clue. That is precisely why you have to continuously and consistently make yourself visible and unforgettable.

Don't worry, it is not as tiresome a pursuit as you may dread.

Here are 4 sure ways to stay top of mind in your industry:

1. Be Yourself

Most leaders spend on average 12 hours a day, sometimes 6 days a week at work.

Can you imagine putting in that much time at a place where you cannot show up fully as yourself?

I would burst a blood vessel for sure.

Who are you? What makes your personality, sense of style, laugh, humor, the way you relate with others special?

Bring those aspects of who you are to professional settings.

Be yourself! If you do this observing appropriate business etiquette, it will build bonds, boost productivity, and make working with you refreshing and memorable.

2. Take Interest in Others

"100% of customers are people,

100% of employees are people.

If you don't understand people,

you don't understand business."

- Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek laid all the B-2-B, B-2-C, and all the other codes to rest when he said that.

Connect with people H-2-H (Human to Human). Show interest in them and what concerns them.

If you have operated like an AI at work, this might feel a little alien at first, so here are 3 tips to connect with people as people:

1. Pronounce & Spell Names Correctly.

Depending on what culture allows where you are, make sure to use people's first names or titles and last names, each time you speak with or make reference to them.

2. Observe & Incorporate Preferences.

Take note of what people repeat and put emphasis on; words, expressions, gestures, people, experiences, environments, products, services, priorities.

This signals what is important to them.

Take note, then tactfully and ethically incorporate them in your exchanges with them to build rapport and maintain connection.

3. Ask Personal Questions.

By personal, I would caution you to stay within professional limits; career or leadership path, schools attended, most memorable professional experiences, etcetera.

Where appropriate, look for the opportunity to make reference to these personal insights about the other person when you next connect.

Maya Angelou said:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Taking interest in others tells them they matter, shows them you care. They will never forget you for that.

3. Solve Problems

It goes without saying that we exist to solve problems and that is what we do each day at work.

As obvious as this is, I cannot emphasize enough the power problem solving has in keeping you top of mind to others.

People remember and recommend people who make things happen for them. So do that often, and do it well. And you will soon become their go-to solution provider.

NB/ If you struggle with establishing healthy boundaries, watch out for this point so that you don't let people-pleasing stress you out. Do the work you are meant to do and support others as far as you have the expertise and bandwidth to do so.

4. Showcase Your Work

Please don't ask me where I was looking in this video.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to unpacking what showcasing our work means.

As shocking as this might sound; people are not paying attention to what you do. Word has it, they are too busy living their lives, overcoming their personal problems, and putting out their professional fires, to notice all of your activities and achievements.

Can you believe it? True story.

As important as you are to yourself, you are not always top in mind to someone else.

If you want to keep yourself top of mind to decision-makers for ongoing opportunities, it is not enough to do your work well, you must also let people know what you are doing.

Share activity and milestone updates with your direct manager, your sponsor, your referees, the Board, professional association, alma mater, on social media, on your CV and or Bio, with the media. The possibilities of positioning your profile and showcasing your work are endless.

People are busy with the details of their work and life. Want them to keep you top of mind? Be unforgettable!

1. Be Yourself

2. Take interest in Others

3. Solve Problems

4. Showcase Your Work

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