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How to Negotiate The Best Terms for Your Career & Business Success

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

"In life, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."


Hate negotiating?

In the videos that follow, I share simple and effective strategies, and tips to negotiate the best terms for your career and business success.

1.How to Advance Your Agenda

Everyone is in pursuit of an agenda. Why do you connect with the people and organizations that you do? What do you seek to achieve, and how will you make sure that you do?

These two videos will help you to clarify and communicate your agenda, to make sure the engagements you commit to are mutually beneficial.

2.How to Negotiate a Contract

As exciting as it may be to secure an opportunity, your dream-come-true can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don't plan, prepare, and negotiate favorable terms and conditions.

These three videos help you with the dos and don'ts of negotiating detailed career and business terms.

"During a negotiation, it would be wise not to take anything personally. If you leave personalities out of it, you will be able to see opportunities more objectively"

-Brian Koslow.

3.How to Access Your Next Level

There are people and platforms you need to access for your next-level growth. Whether or not you will, and how effective you will be at getting buy-in is an art and a science in negotiation and navigation.

The next five videos help you to access busy people, enlist a sponsor, secure referrals, and network for buy-in.

4.How to Spot a Bad Deal

There is no contract that is worth your peace of mind, health, family, finances, or safety. In the next video, learn how to identify negotiation deal makers to press in for, and spot negotiation deal breakers to get away from, before you sign on the dotted line.

5.How to Negotiate When Business is Down

When you're told business, or the economy is down, you usually feel like you need to compromise more than you would in times of plentiful.

This video will help you to negotiate to win even in times of crises.

"Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing."

-Carrie Fisher.

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