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How to Make Bold Moves

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

That Will Get You Results in Less Than 24 Hours

Please do not overthink what you are about to read.

If you have been putting off tackling a troublesome issue because it seems too complex, too unrefined, too expensive, or too embarrassing, today's newsletter is for you.

Before we start though, I need you to promise me two things:

(1)Promise me that you will forget protocol, your self-importance, and other people's positions or opinions.

(2) You will dare greatly and advance boldly.

Do we have a deal?

Okay. let's go.

Here are 5 steps on how you can deal with that issue that has become a chronic worry, once and for all, to start seeing incredible results in less than 24 hours:

Step 1: Focus Only on the Goal That Keeps You Up at Night

If you have a concern holding you back, and keeping you up at night, that's the concern you need to start with.

You may have others, but this is the only one you are to address right now.

To turn your worry into a goal by asking yourself,

"What do I want to accomplish, and by when?"

Write down your response to that question.

Step 2: Identify the One Thing You Need to Do That Will Take Care of All the Rest

The goal you identified may need your time, effort, and finances, and others people's expertise, political, and financial support, to name a few.

Ask yourself: What is the most important factor to my success in achieving this goal?

Write down your response. It should be the one thing that, would have you breathe a sigh of relief, free you to sleep, laugh, and enjoy life again.

What is that one thing? We often think it is money, but sometimes it is an introduction. If unsure, write down what comes to mind and keep asking yourself, "why?" until you get to the root of what you really need right now.

Step 3: Reach Out to Five Contacts for Leads

Think of 5 high-value people* you can reach out to with a simple text message or voice note to ask for leads to obtain the one thing you need to achieve your goal.

DO NOT OVERTHINK IT. Send it immediately and wait for their response.

*High-value people are people who have the values, access, and power to influence others in your favor.

Step 4: Follow on Leads Immediately

If they reply with contacts or links, follow those immediately. Taking appropriate action to obtain what you need. If they take a while to revert, recheck them again in an hour, but no more than two.

Step 5: Invest in a Course of Action

You may be presented with many options, don't go into analysis paralysis - make a decision. Take action to invest in the one thing that if resolved, would take care of the rest.

You Did It!

Pat yourself on the back. Or even better, go out and celebrate.

You probably stepped waaaaay out of your comfort zone to make the bold moves you made, to get the results you did, and it paid off.

Feel free to use this problem-solving hack next time you are in a bind, and you will be amazed at how many long-standing mountains you will move.

Yay, you!


In 2018 I made a bold move that launched my coaching and consulting practice in the U.S. I shot this video on a whim, completely unprepared. Before I got on camera, I was sitting on the couch wondering what would become of me; what had happened to everything that I had sacrificed and worked so hard to accomplish for decades in Tanzania. I chose to get up from the couch, scribble a few bullet points, change my top, put on makeup, and press record. I didn't know what would come of it. All I knew was that the pain of remaining where I was, was much worse than any backlash I feared for moving forward. Thank God I chose faith over fear. I signed up 10 clients that day and have served scores more since. That one bold move has made all the difference; in my life and legacy, family, colleagues, their families, and to you, members of our community and clients. May my testimony give you the faith to make bold moves!

Been Thinking of Working with Me? Maybe you have followed the 360 Leadership Success Newsletter for some time now and reaching out to me is the bold move you need to make. I welcome you to schedule a consulting call below or send me a message through our chat box on I look forward to connecting with you.

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