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How to Create & Monetize a Digital Product for FREE

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

There are hundreds of ways you can monetize your skills online, many of them for free or relatively low investment.

Here's how you can create and monetize a digital product for absolutely free.

Step 1: Create, then download your tool, ebook, cheat sheet, checklist, document template, or any other digital idea that you can think of, on canva.

Step 2: Upload and save your file on google drive.

Step 3: Set up a mobile payment method on Wave Accounting or whatever platform you use (preferably one that your target audience is familiar with or can easily adapt to) with the google drive link to access your digital product once payment has been made.

Step 4: Copy the google drive link and paste it on linktree.

Step 5: Paste your linktree link on your social media bio.

Step 6: Advertise your digital product and continuously engage your target customer with clear and compelling posts on social media, add a call to action in every 3 posts (so they don't get tired of you selling :-)) to "click the link in bio" (on Instagram) or paste it directly into the message, then direct them to "click the link below" (every other platform).

That's it.

You have just created and set up monetization for a digital product for FREE!

Mind-blowing, right?

What I shared was the last part of monetizing your skills online.

To do it successfully, you will need to know:

  • What product to create.

  • The Ideal Customer to target.

  • How to craft and articulate your solution.

  • Test a product concept before you develop it.

  • Develop a product that your Ideal Customer wants now and is willing and able to pay for.

  • How to brand yourself and your product.

  • Leverage social media to get in front of your Ideal Customer with an irresistible offer that turns them into repeat customers and loyal ambassadors that bring you even more customers.

I monetize my skills through multiple online, live, and on-demand income streams serving a global clientele and I do it all from the comfort of my home office.

Not to boast, but to show you what's possible: just today I received monthly payments from Amazon for my digital and print books, from Teachable for my online courses, from coaching clients, and from two sign-ups from others that saw our content on LinkedIn and Instagram.

I also monetize products and services through my website, YouTube Channel, Instagram, speaking, moderating, facilitating, training, and most recently, we have set up our podcast to also start monetizing.

All of this happens online, and most of it is automated so that I can focus on other pursuits.

Make money doing what you love from anywhere you like In the How to Monetize Your Skills Online Course, I will teach you my own proven method to monetize your skills online through products and services you can set up from anywhere to generate income for you, whether or not you choose to engage live, or would rather be somewhere else doing something else you enjoy. Click the link below to learn more and sign up for the How to Monetize Your Skills Online course, and I’ll see you there!

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