How to Become a Speaker

Do you know the level of expertise you have accumulated over the years? No? I’m not surprised.

When I work with clients on profiling and positioning their expert CV and Bios, they are often pleasantly surprised about how much they know and do, that they have not recorded anywhere.

If you don’t know the level of expertise you have accumulated over the years, guess what? Neither do your supervisors, colleagues, certainly not the Human Resources Team, recruiters, and others in positions to open doors to your next-level opportunities.

“Man! When you put it that way, Modesta!”

Sobering, huh?

“Yeah, I need to change that.”

And pronto.

The only way people will know all that you are, have done, and can add value to them, is if you tell them.

But you don’t want to keep knocking on office doors, or talking about how great you are at the water dispenser (as thrilled as people would be to hear you talk about, “Me, Myself, and I” all day.)

Rather than talk about yourself, seek opportunities to share insights and solutions your target audience cares about and needs help with, and in no time, they will seek you out as a go-to resource at work, and a thought leader in your industry.

The best way to do this is to learn how to become a speaker.

Whether to enhance your communication for buy-in at work, or to add to your income-generating portfolio, public speaking is a sure way to share knowledge, distinguish your personal brand, and access a myriad of opportunities.

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