How to Become a Consultant

It is impossible for you to be “unemployed”.

If your concern is earning an income, the times we are in allow you to do that as a Consultant. All it takes is a shift in mindset from “What company will employ me?” to “Which clients do I want to engage with?”

I worked for a corporation for the first two years of my career. That’s it. That’s the sum total of my years of “employment”. But I have served over 50 corporate clients and hundreds of individual clients in the 16+ period after my two years of formal employment.

Granted, I also started my own companies and am, therefore “employed” by them, but that’s just the point, you don’t have to wait until someone else puts you on their staff payroll, you can chart your own career path and financial freedom by becoming a Consultant.

With a Consultant mindset, you don’t sit at home moping about because you resigned or were laid off at your last job. Instead, you define, create, and serve your value to the marketplace and continue earning.

You will find that opportunities come to those that are visible, relevant, and add value in the marketplace. It is those that prospects will see and come to trust as solution providers they would like to engage with. It is those that will be approached for even more opportunities.

And in this tech-driven communication works, you can get back in the game even without getting out of your house!

Consulting can be your transition, hybrid, or permanent plan after employment. Whatever you choose, today’s extremely accessible global engagement opportunities mean you are never “unemployed”, because you can always Consult.

Below I share nine quick steps to starting on your consulting career path.

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