How to Become a Board Director

Remember these 3Ps and you’re set for life in your career and business:

Profile, Position, Personal Brand.

You don’t have to be stuck in your current position or situation, nor remain in obscurity.

The peers you are watching zoom past you are Profiling and Positioning their Personal Brands for their next-level (including global) opportunities.

You can do the same.

If you are a mid-management or senior executive that seeks greater visibility, growth, and impact in your industry and beyond, one of the strategies is to Profile and Position your Personal Brand by becoming a Board Director.

Why a Board Director?

1. You Gain Industry Insights & Solve Governance & Executive-Level Problems

This helps you acquire competencies that prepare you for higher organizational and industry leadership responsibilities. This immediately elevates your value-add in the perception of the organizations you are currently employed or do business with, which you can in the long-term translate to negotiation for better terms and conditions of engagement with them and or others.

2. You Access Captains of Industry for Greater Opportunities

Working with other Board Directors that are at the top of their game gives you unparalleled access, peer learning, and networking opportunities you would not otherwise gain had you not been in the board room and making board executive-level decisions at the table.

3. You Build Your Personal Brand

Your career and business credibility increase when the market sees that you have been trusted to serve in an oversight position to steer the strategy, performance, and results of a corporation.

This however means that you don’t sign up for this role for the show of it. A Board Director position is a serious undertaking with grave implications. You choose to become a Board Director because:

1. Your values and vision align with the leadership and organization culture.

2. You are genuinely and passionately interested in supporting the leadership and their purpose.

3. You see an opportunity to solve problems and make a difference.

4. You have the bandwidth (time, energy, personal and professional capacity) to take on the additional responsibilities of Board Directorship.

5. You see opportunities for your growth and impact through serving as a Board Director of the corporation.

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