"How Do You Stay Consistent?"

The question I get asked the most is, “How do you stay consistent?”

Here’s the secret (which is no secret at all) to consistency, in effort, and in results:

1. Hear from God (anything done in your own effort will weigh you down; you will either quit, or painfully drag yourself to the finish line - only to find you are still unfulfilled).

2. Pursue Purpose (make your intrinsic motivation to reach and make life and living better for others (that way, purpose will preserve you when circumstances want to compromise your pursuit)).

3. Choose and Continue to Choose Your Values, Priorities, and Boundaries (and submit yourself, everyone, and everything to honor these, aligning or walking away when you start to veer off).

4. Make a Decision and Follow Through (rather than seek to feel good, or find the motivation at the moment, keep at it because you are committed, even when you are not motivated).

5. Start Now (it may not be as refined as you want, you can build as you go; getting feedback on what works and what doesn’t).

6. Have Audio-Visual Reminders to Stay Focused (only surround yourself in close company and remote association, people and environments that reinforce your efforts, not diminish them).

7. Invest in Your Growth (the less you know and understand, the more likely you are to waver, stall, or abandon; keep learning, keep honing, keep improving, keep getting help, keep pushing yourself to higher levels of insight, wisdom, skill, and operation).

8. Build and Nurture a Support System (you will NOT do this on your own; strategically position relationships, technology, professionals, principles that will help you to stay the path (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, professionally, financially, impact, in character, competence, and connection with others).

9. Get Feedback and Apply Feed Forward (humble yourself to ask and earn what works, what doesn’t, and improve as you go (without compromising your values)

10. Ignore Distractions (opinions, trends, dips, peaks, setbacks, failures can be a distraction, don’t get thrown off; keep getting back up, keep learning how to improve, keep moving forward, keep your eye on the prize).

11. Constantly Pray & Fellowship with God (get assurance, refreshment, new insight, rebuke, encouragement, and direction to keep your heart and mind protected and in the right motivation).

12. Grit Your Teeth and Plough On (if it’s purpose-driven, it’s a life-long marathon, it is life-long hard work; keep showing up, keep delivering value, keep helping others, keep being the solution).

What keeps you consistent?

Which one of the 12 will you work on today?



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