Executives Struggle Privately

Executive leaders often privately struggle with barriers to greater personal and organizational effectiveness, growth and impact, that many neither admit nor address.

With most organizations structured in top-down chains of command, executive leaders, bear the heavy weight of decision-making and demands of the people, organizations, and industries they serve.

Being at the top of the proverbial food chain, they are often the assumed go-to experts. Customers, shareholders, boards of directors, teams and other stakeholders expect them to deliver, and to do so speedily.

As a consequence executive leaders do not open up about what is not working, not to themselves, nor to others, often only reaching out for help when the personal and business cost to maintaining the status quo is too great to sweep under the rug.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I am a Board and Senior Management Executive, Management Consultant and Professional Service Business Owner, with a rich 17-year, multi-sector, global experience.

Certified Advocate of the High Court, Executive Coach, Change Management, and Project Management Professional, I have had the privilege to support thousands of board and executive leaders in the public, private, non-profit, academic, media and international development sectors, with a wide portfolio of personal and organizational challenges.

I can help you to:

1. Identify barriers to personal and organizational effectiveness, growth, and impact

2. Define developmental goals based on your and your organization’s priorities

3. Create short, medium, and long-term plans to overcome each prioritized problem

4. Implement a development plan building in tracking, accountability, and milestone evaluation of your personal and organizational effectiveness, growth, and impact

5. Build in post-engagement accountability and support to review relevance and effectiveness, and to help you recalibrate so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.

You are not alone.

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See you on the inside.


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