Either Rest or Leave

“People just won’t understand me.” I said exasperated. My husband replied with an assuring yet matter-of-fact voice, “And that’s alright.”

I just took the last pills from a long and senseless ordeal.

And just as I did when I had another medical emergency last year, this year too, I had tried to get back to work before I had fully recovered.

I didn’t do a great job of it. No surprise there.

I wanted to be on top of things, I didn’t want to be misunderstood. So I committed, then with symptoms worsening, cancelled last minute.

What a mess!

You been there?

Why do we fear (that’s the demon driving this) that there is such an urgent, almost maniac need to be present, be performing, be in place, be put together?

What stakes could be higher than those of endangering our own health, and even lives? More often than not, people do understand.

We just choose to keep grinding, fearing that it’s “out of sight, out of mind.”

If you have proven your value and contribution, you should never have to worry that the market will be so unforgiving as to erase you. If you are that easily replaced, then maybe you need to question your contribution in general.

And, if you are in an environment where you have proven your contribution yet still fear that getting rest will lead to irrelevance, you have one of two options:

1. Reclaim your power, let others know you’re taking time off, and truly be absent from work and present at rest

2. Leave, and join, or create a culture that allows for total life success not just work performance that compromises your quality of life

I am learning more and more not to allow myself to compromise my health at the altar of my bad habits, my kids, and even the “almighty work” - which so many of us have sadly come to idolize.

It starts with me. It starts with you.

Reclaim your power to rest and fully recover.

It is the only way you will be around and in any shape to do anything else.

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