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Become an Industry Leader

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Influence Beyond Your Organization

Do you think of yourself as an industry leader?

You have come a long way. What has it all been leading to?

When you think of it, every promotion is a means to an end, and a step towards something greater.

For some, it is the corner office, for others, better compensation and benefits, for others still, the ultimate title as Chief.

Many feel they have arrived when they are at the top of the organizational chart. Others see even their position as Head, as a means to an end.

Why did you choose to grow into the position of leadership you now hold in your organization?

Now that you have accumulated the great knowledge, skills, and experience you have as an executive, what are you going to do with it beyond solving your organization's problems?

If you haven't already, you will probably soon start looking for other ways and platforms to contribute and make a difference.

But, how do you contribute meaningfully, and leave a legacy of impact in an industry full of other ambitious executives?

You build your powerful personal brand to position as an industry leader?

What is an industry leader?

"An industry leader is a.... professional within a particular industry that is considered the most effective and impactful in that industry....Individuals typically become industry leaders when they lead an organization to market recognition and high sales as well as become known as an expert in business or that industry."

Each of the past 8 weeks of this 10-week Build Your Powerful Personal Brand email series, we have defined personal branding as,

"Your intentional, ongoing, effort of creating the image of yourself as a Trusted Solution Provider to your Ideal Client."

Until now, you may have wanted to be an internal Solution Provider to an internal or external Ideal Client around your current position.

Now that you want to position as an Industry Leader, review your personal branding message from your organizational influence, and adapt it to industry leadership.

Then, define what you want to be known for, and by whom.

Our Executive Personal Branding 360 Leadership Assessment shares characteristics of progressive leadership development. From Self Leadership, to Leading Other People, to Organizational Leadership, and finally Industry Leadership.

After you have defined what you want to be known for as an Industry Leader, and by whom, challenge yourself to take immediate action to start building your powerful personal brand as an industry leader.

Below are 5 ways of progressively building your powerful personal brand as an industry leader:

1. Create content with your industry thought leadership agenda, and key messages, you can publish and or syndicate for other platforms to publish

2. Join professional associations of industry peers and actively serve to further their and your agenda

3. Apply to serve on the Board and Board Committee of a strategic organization in your industry to elevate your profile and ability to successfully govern and guide other executive teams

4. 3. Start your own or partner in an industry-wide Legacy Initiative showing your ability to motivate Stakeholder Ownership to take on issues and solve problems bigger than yourself and even past your tenure

5. Express interest in supporting industry policy and practice to ensure there is Systemic Adaptation to the great ideas and initiatives you contributed towards so that both macro and micro decision makers can adopt and implement across your industry within your market and beyond

If you didn't at the beginning of this article, do you now see yourself as an industry leader?

How are you going to build your powerful personal brand to influence beyond your organization?

The 5 options above are a good place to start.

Need help to develop your plan to industry leadership?

It would be my honor to work with you to do so.

Let's connect on a Consultation Call.

“Success is when I add value to myself. Significance is when I add value to others."

-John C Maxwell

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