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Attention Specialists!

If you do not intentionally profile, package, and position the vast knowledge, skills, and experiences you have gained throughout your career, you can get stuck in the subject matter expertise track you have chosen to be identified with.

Working with Modesta Mahiga LLC Executive Coaching and Business Consulting clients, I have observed that after the 10-year mark in one area, even those with rich cross-functional and cross-sectoral knowledge, skills, and experience, can feel trapped in their line of work. This is often because they have focused solely on one area and have come to identify themselves with it, limiting themselves to the familiar position job description, technical domain, or industry they are currently in.

To break free from this cycle, executives need to take stock of their broad competencies, permit themselves to explore what truly brings them fulfillment, map their desired next-level opportunities, and vet them against their non-negotiable values and priorities. Doing so will help them realize that they have many more options available to them than they thought!

By reimagining their future, executives can redefine who they are and what they want to do next. They can then start the process of redesigning their circumstances to align with a tailored plan to get there.

If you are an executive who feels stuck in your career or business, book a consultation call to start the simple yet remarkable process of getting unstuck and discovering a whole world of opportunities in the knowledge, skills, and experience you have to lie dormant within you.

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