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3 Strategies for Your Continuous Professional Development

Whether or Not Your Organization Supports You

If there are no prospects for your professional development at your organization, whether because you are already at the top, or you simply cannot see a path up, here are three strategies for your continuous professional development.

1.Join a Think Tank

Join a think tank and take on an active role.

Think Tanks here are defined broadly to include professional associations, task forces, focus groups, steering committees, and boards of directors.

By joining think tanks you expose yourself to professional challenges and a community of peers you can work together towards solving them.

This both sharpens your competencies and connects you to industry peers in the spheres you want to develop in.

2.Take On-Demand Online Courses

There are millions of online courses you can take to acquire new skills and keep your professional profile relevant.

LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, edx, and many other platforms offer free, freemium, and paid certification courses from reputable global institutions.

Focus on a specific professional discipline, or learn across numerous fields. This will help you add value where you are and be valuable when you are ready for your next move.

3.Go on Secondment

Going on secondment gives you the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and exposure to people and cultures beyond your current organization or industry.

Whether organized and supported by your organization, or something you arrange separately as part of your vacation time, or sabbatical, consider going on secondment as a professional development opportunity to level-up.

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