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10 Strategies to Bounce Back From Any Setback

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Reclaim Your Power to Change Your Destiny

A preacher I follow told a story about a time he was on a commercial flight, that went through terrible turbulence. The air masks came down, things were flying everywhere, and people were screaming for their lives. A typical reaction to a stressful, seemingly death and life situation, you would say.

He noticed however, that the passengers were not the only people in dismay. Looking ahead of him, he saw a steward in full panic mode. They were absolutely paralyzed by the situation and were no help at all to the passengers did not expect to ever need the drills from the short video orientation at the beginning of the flight.

He said that he walked over to the steward and either shook or slapped them (I don't recall which) and yelled at them, "Remember your training! Remember your training!"

Apparently, this reminder was all that the flight steward needed because they immediately composed themselves, then proceeded to help people, following, whatever training they had to face situations such as these.

The reason I shared this story was not to scare you out of flying; statistically, airplanes are the safest mode of travel. The reason I shared this story is that today, I would like to train you on steps to bounce back from any setback. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

“Conditioning is my best weapon.”

-Frank Shamrock.

What do mothers, engineers, karate sensei, doctors, music teachers, and soldiers, have in common?

Checklists and Drills.

They capture everything they want you to know in checklists, then they make you do drills to go over them over and over again. This is not only so that they can condition you to master what they are teaching you, it is also so that they can help you memorize what you are learning until it becomes second nature.


So that whenever a situation that requires the response you have been trained for arises, that situation triggers an auto-response from you. You can consciously, and even subconsciously go through a mental checklist and perform the drill because you were conditioned by repetition.

This is the power of what you will learn today.

Ever wondered how two people, even from the same family, can go through the same things, yet end up having completely different results?

For most of us, when we face setbacks, our minds convince our emotions that this is the end for us. Our emotions agree that this is an accurate assessment of the situation, then set off all kinds of alarms in our bodies. Pretty soon, we have full-blown breakdowns, mental, emotional, and physical.

This response is itself a checklist and drill dynamo your mind, emotions, and body automatically perform as a trained response to negative situations. Through years of training, you condition yourself to resort to your default setting when stressed.

Like any learning, you can unlearn, and reframe, and choose to learn a different way of responding to setbacks, that condition you through a new set of checklists and drills.

"It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters."

- Epictetus

If you are going through a setback at work, home, in your finances, professional development, relationships, health, education, etcetera, the remainder of this newsletter is dedicated to helping you reclaim your power to choose the final outcome of your situation.

This is not to make light of your situation, as if waving a wand of tips will change things in an instant. The aim here is to offer you strategies and tools you can anchor your process to, to be able to bounce back from any setback.

View this as a mini-coaching program, and take as long as you need to watch and incorporate these 10 Success Strategies to Bounce Back From Any Setback.

NB/ Don't get thrown off by the name change, I rebranded (several times :-))

Strategy #1: Get a Hold of Your Thoughts & Feelings

Success Strategy #2: Tell Yourself that This Step Does Not Define You

Success Strategy #3: Plan Your Way Back Up

Success Strategy #4: Set New Goals

Success Strategy #5: Act Now to Make Adjustment You Can Stick To

Success Strategy #6: Monitor Your Progress

Success Strategy #7: Celebrate Milestones

Success Strategy #8: Speak Your Future Not Your Past

Success Strategy #9: Take a Break

Success Strategy #10 Adopt "Bounce Back" Strategies as a Lifestyle

If you find any of these strategies to be of value please Like the video, and share it with someone else going through a rough patch right now.

Pace Yourself

Lastly, remember to be kind to yourself. If it took your entire life to respond the way you do to what happens to you, give yourself grace when you have to practice a step a little longer before you can move on to the next.

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