Leverage Your

Don't Wait for Opportunities.


Create Your Own.

Saturday 22nd October

12pm - 4pm GMT



For career and business professionals that want to grow their next-level influence, income, and impact.

If you feel overlooked and underpaid, this Workshop is for you!

What to Expect

Hands-on, high-value, high-impact, step-by-step guidance on how to increase your visibility, value-add, and reputation as a trusted solution provider in your career and business:

  • Find Your Area of Passion-Proficiency-Profit

  • Identify Your Target Client

  • Articulate Your Value-Add

  • Build a Compelling & Trustworthy Brand

  • Authentically & Organically Engage Your Target Audience

  • Automate Your Operations & Sales Processes

  • Consistently Deliver Wow!


Founder Impact Advisory

I have been transformed attending the session with Modesta Mahiga on leveraging your expertise, and I highly recommend her work. she is the rare professional who comes from a deeply held set of values and principles and brings life-changing experience, tools, and skills to help leaders improve. She focuses on taking a practical, behavioral approach to emotional intelligence to help clients develop leadership resilience, create alignment and belonging on their team, and enable high performance. I've seen her in action, and she is an insightful coach that helps anyone see new possibilities while dealing with highly challenging issues. She is patient, listens well, and brings a grounded presence to her work that is much needed with all the volatility we face.If you lead a growing organization in start-up mode or a mid-sized organization ready to break through to the next level, you want Modesta on your team.

Technology Consultant

Before signing up for Modesta’s "Leverage Your Expertise" webinar, I struggled with how I could scale up my expertise's monetary worthiness. Earlier I had watched her other add-value YouTube videos. But with the webinar, It felt right to learn from her personal success stories.  

Her training was fun, and engaging and was beyond my expectations. We went through interesting exercises that have completely changed my mindset.

Modesta’s webinar delivered more than enough value to outweigh the costs and helped me strategize on leveraging my expertise which I highly recommend to anyone struggling to take one step in his/her career.

Data, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

I signed up for 'Leverage your expertise workshop' with Modesta Mahiga and woow the content and the coaching I received is a strategic eye opener to my career growth, personal and community. Modesta was able to translate complex strategic and leadership terms into simple applicable methods that I could relate into my daily work. The workshop has and will impact my career direction to a great extent as an individual and prospective leader. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to take a whole new direction of their career to sign up with Modesta