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Leadership Development

Modesta Mahiga

About Modesta

Modesta is a seasoned and trustworthy global Leadership Expert, and certified Executive Coach that has supported executive leaders across six continents to achieve their leadership development goals and to deliver results in complex, uncertain, high-stakes environments.

What to expect:


Identify your core challenges through a comprehensive 360º Leadership Assessment.


Develop a tailored leadership development program based on your development priorities.


Increase leadership effectiveness through monthly One-on-One or team programs.


Review your progress through real-life feedback from those under your leadership influence.


Ensure you adopt sustainable behaviors, skills, and practices to increase your leadership effectiveness, confidence, and credibility to influence personal, team, and organizational results.

Our Leadership Programs

insights . expertise . results

Executive Coaching

Gain organizational and market insights to design your business strategy, build a governance structure, integrate operational systems, and develop the culture and people to drive results.  Connect with seasoned and certified experts with 20+ years of experience developing and deploying strategies for organizations large and small in both mature and emerging markets.

Personal Branding

If you don't have a digital footprint, you don't exist.


As the world becomes increasingly digitized, building digital presence and active engagement are critical for organizational survival. Connect with our experts to develop and execute integrated digital transformation for greater connectivity and competitiveness.  

Personal Branding

Profile and position your personal brand for growth, impact, and legacy.

Store Owner Using Laptop

People Buy into You

Personal Branding Assessments

Find out how credible, relatable, and trustworthy those you seek to influence think you are through personal brand assessments in order to pivot and position to become their trusted solution provider.

Brand Strategy Development

Define your vision, non-negotiable values, and niche to design a brand strategy and develop a development plan to globally position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Profile Makeover

Increase your visibility, value-add, and trust both online and offline with Done-for-You Résumé, Cover Letter, Professional Bio, LinkedIn Profile, and Company Profile services to present a powerful personal brand even when you are not in the room.

Professional Positioning

Leverage our team's proven track record in positioning and transitioning leaders and their organizations in private, public, non-profit, and multilateral organizations across 6 continents. 

Ready to Start?

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